If you’re looking for an experienced iOS or MacOS dev, my friend Josh is looking for his next opportunity. 24 years experience and the published author of an Xcode book. Boosts appreciated.



Crank up the iron lung assembly line. 😡

New Hampshire’s GOP Is Taking a Stand—Against the Polio Vaccine - Mother Jones


Something missing from this article: VW prefers its workers to belong to a union. Every other VW plant has a workers’ council that has a voice in running it. It’s how they like to do things.


Any San Diegans out there who can recommend a good seafood restaurant? A friend is flying there tomorrow. All recommendations appreciated.

Blueberries are OK in oatmeal, but raspberries are better.

This kind of thing pisses me off. People who preach the need to avoid all artificial sweeteners in addition to sugar can sod off. I’ve given up sugar, alcohol, most carbs, and nicotine. Life is too damn short for this.


Items on my to-do list that will not get done today have been marked with the notation “Not today, Satan.”

The first time I found one of these, I was in the middle of nowhere in a forest on a camping trip in the mountains of northern New Mexico. And yet, there it was. Benchmarks are cool.


Monday. Finally over.


I could see myself consolidating my Fediverse presence down to my Micro.blog account if it had likes/favorites and a longer character limit for social posts (perhaps 500, like Mastodon).

Pour one out for the intern running social media for VW Dubai who posted on Threads that it was a “fun fact” that the VW logo was designed during WW2 (actually, it was designed prewar, but still). Now deleted, of course.

For more “fun facts,” look up “KdF-Wagen.” Volkswagen would rather you didn’t.

Managed to time my trip to Trader Joe’s such that it started raining just before I left the store. My timing is exquisite. 😑

Finally, it’s 5:00 PM Pacific Daylight Time on Friday.

Jesus, what a week it’s been. 😑

What the world really needs more than anything is more sax solos. 🎷

Maybe he’ll find the real killer in Hell.


The printer is on. It is connected. The network sees the printer. The phone is connected to the network. But iOS does not see the printer.


Fair warning for anyone reading this on Tumblr: I’m putting my Tumblr blog into indefinite retirement. I’ve never been sure what to do with it, and there’s zero interaction, probably because I never check the app. Maybe someday I’ll reactivate it, but for now, it’s going dark. See you elsewhere.

There goes SpaceX, rattling my house again.


Waves at the East Coast in Californian