With everyone's favorite unstable South African billionaire poised to acquire Twitter tomorrow, I'm seeing a lot of speculation about what users are going to do. Here's my two cents:

As I've said before, I didn't join Twitter because of Elon Musk and I'm not going to leave because of him, but there are a couple of important qualifications. One, not leaving is not the same thing as being an active user, and two, whether I'm an active user will depend on what happens in the days to come.

To my first point, I'll keep my account alive but dormant if I don't like what I see from the new management in the coming days. I don't want my username to go to anyone else, so at most it will become an empty and locked account.

To my second point, while I don't hold out much hope, given that Musk has proven himself to be a bit fascist-adjacent, at least, there's always the possibility that the worst won't happen. It's a tiny possibility that you need an electron microscope to clearly see, but it's there. If he confounds expectations, I'll be the first to give him credit.

But I don't think he will, and for that reason I encourage everyone to migrate to Mastodon. That's where I'll be. Links to my profile are in the footer below and in my About and Contact pages. Hope to see you there.