Having tea a couple hours later than I usually do. Hope I don’t regret it later.

Getting tired of the sonic booms from SpaceX launches from Vandenberg. Another reason to dislike Elon Musk.

For anyone wondering why the Orthodox Easter is sometimes later than Western Easter:

Western: Easter is the first Sunday after the first full moon after the vernal equinox.

Orthodox: Same, plus it has to be after Passover (the Last Supper was during Passover).

(I’m a lapsed Orthodox.)

Happy Easter to those who celebrate it today. To my Orthodox friends who are still observing Lent - hang in there.

Waves around at all this

NY Times headline: Why Are Older Americans Drinking So Much?

Screw it, it’s tea o’clock. ☕️

If you think there’s any bridge that can survive a direct hit by a container ship, bless your heart.

Work frustration is high. I think it’s time to close the laptop and put the kettle on.

Just saw someone refer to a Tesla Cybertruck as an Incel Camino and I think they just won the Internet for today.

This is always the weirdest thing I see when I’m doing my California state income tax.

Ottoman Turkish Empire Settlement Payments

The family of our recently deceased neighbor is cleaning out the house. Always a strange feeling.

Was on the way home after getting my car’s smog check done, and saw this at a local equipment rental place. 😂

Drawing of Hank Hill with accompanying text “Propane and propane accessories”

My doctor is changing up my diabetes meds. This is officially the worst possible potential side effect of anything I’ve ever been prescribed:

“Necrotizing fasciitis in the area between the anus and genitals.”

I guess you could say that sort of taints the experience.

I’ll show myself out.

Threads seems to be having some issues. It won’t let me share to the Fediverse or change my privacy setting in Instagram.

Fuck, and I cannot emphasize this strongly enough, diabetes.

Happy St. Patrick’s Day to those who celebrate! ☘️

My personal Irish heritage: I’m descended from an Irishman from County Antrim, James Cupples, who emigrated to the Pennsylvania colony and took up arms against the King in the American Revolution, in the best Irish fashion.

Nothing says “I’m an idiot” quite like backing into an angled parking space so that you’re facing the wrong way. 🤦🏻‍♂️

Saw this posted elsewhere. There are cities I don’t have a need to go back to, and cities I know I’ll never make it back to, but I can honestly say there are no cities I would refuse to go back to.

Name a city you have visited and would never go back to

There’s something oddly reassuring about the fact that TFG’s private jet was made by Boeing.